NoMachine Terminal Server (1-2 CPU) (Government)


NoMachine Terminal Server lets organizations host unlimited Linux desktops, providing access to applications whether office productivity, 3D graphics or customized programs in their own cloud. Offer a complete set of corporate services and functionalities to unlimited mobile and on-site employees wherever they are according to regulatory requirements and without compromising on performance or security. Additionally, federate Terminal Server under any Enterprise Server to provide a single point of entry for all your users.

  • Cost-effective enterprise deployment. Unlimited connections means you are not licensed per user nor concurrent connection
  • Provide secure and efficient application and desktop access. SSL encrypted, users can also authenticate using SSH
  • Seamless integration with corporate authentication mechanisms such as Kerberos, LDAP and Active Directory means fast and easy deployment to all your workforce
  • On or off-site access, any time. Built-in optimization for delivery over any network lets users connect from anywhere without performance degradation

NOTE: This item is for for Government use only.

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NoMachine Linux Terminal Server Family

NoMachine Terminal Server is the new generation of the award winning NX Linux Terminal Server, the term of comparison for Linux server-based computing solutions for more than 10 years. It is the perfect answer to those looking for a solution able to create hundreds of hosted Linux desktops, easy to manage and secure. NoMachine Terminal Server doesn’t suffer from all the limitations that affect the traditional X-Window based solutions. Your desktop continues to live while it is disconnected, devices shared on the server follow you wherever you go and speed is spectacular even over the most modest network link, so fast to be unbeaten by any similar product designed for any operating system, not only Linux.

Scales up to your needs

The NoMachine’s Terminal Server system is designed to run a big number of Linux desktops on a host. Even a low-end dual-core computer with enough RAM can run tens of virtual desktops. NoMachine Linux Terminal Server provides all your users with their own personal workspace and lets you configure what each individual user gets, in terms of desktop environment and applications.From the Workstation to the Terminal Server, there is a product that suits any work group, from the design team, needing to share the high-end graphic hardware, to the sales team of a large organization. Did we say that any Linux computer can be used as a server? When a Terminal Server has become too small to handle all clients, you can add more Terminal Server hosts as nodes of an Enterprise Server. Multiple Enterprise Servers can be combined together to work as a high-availability cluster. You can grow your network to fit any need.

Makes thin your clients again

NoMachine lets you use any computer as a client. The NoMachine Enterprise Client software is so thin to make possible to run it on 10 year-old computers without any impact on performance. Any client running the NoMachine software can be easily equated to a thin-client. In fact a thin client is a client computer that doesn’t need anything to run but the NoMachine software required to play the output produced on the server. Thin clients are really cheap to acquire, or you can refurbish old computers that are unable to run the today’s applications anymore.NoMachine client software runs on really everything, from an old Windows XP computer to any known Linux distribution, from a pen-drive computer, to Android and iOS. And if you have a number of thin-clients you want to convert, or if you run a custom Linux on some ARM processor, NoMachine can make a build optimized for your hardware. But of course, a thin client doesn’t need to be really thin. So, in the era of Bring Your Own Device, you can let your users bring their own laptops or phones and let them access the corporate’s data and applications under the control your organization deserves.

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